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Louise Renée

Artist Bio & Statement


Louise Renée taught French Literature at the University of Manitoba for many decades, but after her retirement in 2016, she turned to her other passion – art. Even while working full-time and raising her children, she took as many courses as possible in art history and in various media. Soft pastel is her medium of choice because of its rich, luminescent colours. She works largely from photographs that strike a chord in her, blending colours and images that evoke strong emotions. Her love of literature has inspired her to accompany each painting with a short text that goes hand in hand with the painting, each one an echo of the other.


Art has always brought me joy, even when I render painful subjects. I get into the zone and lose all track of time. I bypass my noisy mind and let my hand figure out how to convey a colour or a difficult texture. I work mostly from photos, but only from the ones that move me deeply. This is a mysterious process that I accept without judgment. I like to surrender to inspiration and be surprised by the experience.

Find out more about Louise on social media

Instagram: louiserenee3844


Facebook: Louise Renee

Samples of My Artwork

My contact info is at the top of this page, if you'd like to see more of my artwork.

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